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Spreader Parts

Spreader Parts - For Tailgate, V Box, Push Spreaders

(Below are links to our ebay listings)

80# Universal Vibrator Kit - Buyers 3008241

22800 Meyer Spreader Controller Wiring ONLY - Perfect for setting up a second truck

34302 Brush Auger

34603 Meyer Blaster Bulk Salt Auger Extension

36247 Meyer Spreader Wire 96" with connectors - Controller to Battery. Fits many Meyer spreaders

Salt Dogg TGSUV Swing Down 2" Receiver Weldment 3004589 - You could make you own hitch accessories with this!

Salt Dogg TGSUV Swing Down 1-1/4" Receiver Weldment 3004590

Salt Dogg/Buyers Products 3001152, Complete Wiring Harness for TGSUV1B

Salt Dogg 3025715 Stainless Bracket, Gear Motor / Shield for Salt Dogg SHPE 1500 - IF you have an SHPE you WILL need this part!

3021928 Salt Dogg 6yd Tarp Kit

3022215 Salt Dogg SHPE Remote Grease Kit

AF49447 Hot Shot 85 Cable Control

PSB15458 - Impeller for Hot Shot 70RD

PSB15477 Meyer Salt Spreader Discharge Chute  Hot Shot 70RD

AF40883 - Meyer Hot Shot 85 Spreader Cover

PSB13360 Axle Gear Hot Shot 70

Above is just a small sample of what we have listed in our ebay store.

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