Diamond Plow Parts


Diamond 1.5" x 10" PA Ram (ONLY used on MDII Diamond Plows)

1.5" x 10" PA Ram for MDII Diamond Plows. Pin holes are 1" diameter. WILL NOT WORK ON ANY MEYER PLOW.

Diamond Cylinder Pin 819000001002

Diamond Cylinder Pin 819000001002 - A Frame End

Diamond Pivot Pin 811000003003

Upper Pivot Pin 811000003003 - 1-3/16" Diameter X 2-13/16" Long. Also fits Trip Edge Pivot on D and DAG Models. View all images to verify.

Lift Chain Connector U Bolt for C Series EZ Plus / MDII A Frame

Lift Chain Connector U Bolt for C Series MDII / EZ Plus A Frame. Also fits 13500E Lot Pro A Frame.

Meyer OEM Trip Spring Eye 09124C

Genuine Meyer Trip Spring Eye Bolt 09124C.

Meyer ST and C Series Trip Spring

Trip Spring For ALL Meyer ST and C Series Plows. (Sold EACH). 15" overall length. Fits newer Lot Pro and Meyer Diamond Edge plows too. Actual Meyer Part Number is 07017SP.

Trip Spring Adjuster for MDII Diamond Plows 811000254

Trip Spring Adjuster 811000254 for old Diamond bottom trip plows. Sold EACH. Not a stocked part. We order when you order.

Trip Spring Bar Weldment for MDII Diamond Plows 811000252

Trip Spring Weldment for 8 - 9' MDII Diamond Plows. Does not include Adjuster, or Springs, or any hardware.WE DO NOT STOCK THIS PART. It is ordered from Meyer when we receive an order for one.

Trip Spring Eyebolt

Trip Spring Eyebolt fits all Meyer and many other brands. Sold EACH.