Buyers Salt Spreader Motor (TGSUV1) 3005693

1/8 HP motor for Buyers TGSUV1 3005693. 1000RPM sealed with connector.

E-60 2 Lug Motor GENUINE MEYER 15841

Genuine Meyer E-60 2 Lug Motor. Also fits E-60H, E-57, E-57H, E-58H, E-88, E-68, E-78, V-68, V-66H. Painted Black, because all current production Meyer units are now black. This is not typically a stocked item, allow a few days for us to get it in and shi

Genuine Meyer (Bucher) Motor E-70, E-72, V-70, V-71 and many Monarch units 15096 (SALE $350)

$350.00 $378.00
****SOLD OUT Jan. 2023**** Genuine Meyer (Bucher) Motor E-70, E-72, V-70, V-71 and many Monarch units Meyer Part# 15096. Meyer/Bucher switched to a single lug motor. These are the "good ones". New old stock direct from Meyer. May have stains on them, they

Genuine Meyer E-60 Motor 15727 (Also fits E-57, E-58H, E-68) 15841

Genuine Meyer E-60 Motor 15727 (Also fits E-57, E-58H, E-68). Since current production units are black, so are the Genuine Meyer motors. Alternate part# 15841, 15829

Genuine Meyer OEM Motor Solenoid 15370

OEM Meyer Motor Solenoid part#15370. They do not need to be mounted on steel anymore. The White wire from the harness goes to the S terminal, and the I terminal must be grounded.

Meyer E-47 Motor Gaskets (pair)

Gaskets for Meyer E-47 motor. This is a pair of gaskets for "Bosch type" E-47 motors. The Bosch type motor has been the standard for a long time. If the top cap on your Meyer E-47 motor is flat, these gaskets will fit. One goes under the Top Cap, and ....

Meyer E-47 Replacement Motor (not OEM)

Replacement Motor for Meyer E-47 pump. Includes Bolts. ****NEW NOT REBUILT****

Meyer E-60 and E-57 Replacement 2 Lug Motor 15841 (also fits E-68, E-78, E-88, and V-66)

Aftermarket motor for Meyer E-60 and E-57 (E-58H, E-68/E-88, E-78, V-68, V-66) pumps 15841. Motor has two lugs, one for power, and one for ground. Motor includes Ground Jumper wire for additional ground lug on motor to

Meyer Spreader Socket Assembly w/Bracket and Weather Plug

$34.99 $91.99
Spreader Socket Assembly fits many Meyer and most Buyers tailgate salt spreaders.

Motor Bolts - For Meyer E-46 & up Motors.

Motor bolts fit all Meyer pump motors except the obsolete old T Series. (2) Bolts. These are Grade 5 Bolts. Genuine Meyer are Grade 2 (which is one reason they snap so easily). E-47 and E-60 may require these bolts be shortened by 1/4", which can be accom