Buyers Salt Spreader Motor (TGSUV1) 3005693

1/8 HP motor for Buyers TGSUV1 3005693. 1000RPM sealed with connector.

Genuine Meyer (Bucher) Motor E-70, E-72, V-70, V-71 and many Monarch units 15096

$150.00 $303.96
Genuine Meyer (Bucher) Motor E-70, E-72, V-70, V-71 and many Monarch units Meyer Part# 15096. Meyer/Bucher switched to a single lug motor. These are the "good ones". New old stock direct from Meyer. May have stains on them, they are not pristine after...

Genuine Meyer E-60 Motor 15727 (Also fits E-57, E-58H, E-68) 15841

$240.00 $249.50
Genuine Meyer E-60 Motor 15727 (Also fits E-57, E-58H, E-68). Since current production units are black, so are the Genuine Meyer motors. Alternate part# 15841, 15829

Meyer E-47 Motor Gaskets (pair)

Gaskets for Meyer E-47 motor. This is a pair of gaskets for "Bosch type" E-47 motors. The Bosch type motor has been the standard for a long time. If the top cap on your Meyer E-47 motor is flat, these gaskets will fit. One goes under the Top Cap, and ....

Meyer E-47 Replacement Motor (not OEM)

Replacement Motor for Meyer E-47 pump. Includes Bolts. ****NEW NOT REBUILT****

Meyer E-60 and E-57 Replacement 2 Lug Motor 15841 (also fits E-68, E-78, E-88, and V-66)

SOLD OUT Aftermarket motor for Meyer E-60 and E-57 (E-58H, E-68/E-88, E-78, V-68, V-66) pumps 15841. Motor has two lugs, one for power, and one for ground. Motor includes Ground Jumper wire for additional ground lug on motor to

Meyer OEM Motor Solenoid

OEM Meyer Motor Solenoid part#15370. They do not need to be mounted on steel anymore. The White wire from the harness goes to the S terminal, and the I terminal must be grounded.

Meyer Spreader Socket Assembly w/Bracket and Weather Plug

$29.99 $77.46
Spreader Socket Assembly fits many Meyer and most Buyers tailgate salt spreaders.

Motor Bolts - For Meyer E-46 & up Motors.

Motor bolts fit all Meyer pump motors except the obsolete old T Series. (2) Bolts. These are Grade 5 Bolts. Genuine Meyer are Grade 2 (which is one reason they snap so easily). E-47 and E-60 may require these bolts be shortened by 1/4", which can be accom

Salt Spreader Motor (Buyers, Meyer, Fisher, Western, etc)

Replacement motor for many salt spreaders. 12v bi-directional 1/2HP motor with slotted shaft and woodruff key included. See Full Description for Cross Reference Part#'s.