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Controller & Controller Wiring

Plow Controllers & Wiring

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Toggle Controls - Package Deal. The same one I invented in 2008. ONLY 3 available!

05028 Home Plow Motor Solenoid Auto Angling

05029 Meyer Home Plow Motor Solenoid  Power Angling Genuine Meyer

05029 Meyer Home Plow Motor Solenoid  Power Angling Aftermarket

15059 Diode - Goes on Motor Solenoid to protect the controller from spikes.

22717 Pistol Grip to Touchpad Adapter Harness 12 way - 6 way - Connects 22690 or 22695 to 15764 or 22610

23025 - SOS Power/Ground Harness

22822 - Home Plow Harness - Plow Side Auto Angling

22695 - EZ 1 Super V Plow Controller

Meyer Togggle Switch Control Connectors

Meyer Plow Side Round Harness O Ring (PAIR) stops blinking red light

SAM Aftermarket Touchpad Controller

22717 - 22690 Pistol Grip to 15764 Touchpad Harness Adapter

22798 Pistol Grip Cradle Mount

22827 Power Angling Home Plow by Meyer Controller

22894 Meyer Home Plow Wireless Receiver  for 22888 electric raise and lower unit

22895 HomePlow Key FOB

23037 - SOS Super V Plow Controller

23047 - SOS Straight Blade EZ1 Pistol Grip Controller

23057 -T Connector for SOS

23061 - Park / Turn Control Harness for SOS plows (that can't use 23057) and ones with no Headlight Adapter available.

 SAM Western Pistol Grip Controller

Trombetta Bear Motor Solenoid (Contactor) With Hardware Kit

SAM Western Fisher 9 Pin Truck Side Harness Repair Kit 1315315 Replaces Western 49308 and Fisher 22336K




Above is just a small sample of what we have listed in our ebay store.

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