Meyer Plow Controls


Meyer OEM Touchpad Controller 22154

$279.00 $322.95
Genuine Meyer Touchpad Controller. Has 6 pin rectangular connector. This is the newest design with self diagnostics.

Meyer OEM Touchpad Wiring Harness 15764SP

$80.00 $87.37
OEM Meyer Touchpad Controller Wiring Harness. Part#15764SP. With white rectangular 6 pin plug. The SP in the part# stands for "Sleeve Packaging".

Meyer Pistol Grip Controller22690X - Genuine Meyer

$225.00 $291.68
***SOLD OUT*** DISCONTINUED BY MEYER**** REPLACED BY M22690DC EZ1 CONTROLLER**** Click on Related Items to order****OEM Meyer Pistol Grip Controller - Includes adapter for touchpad harness (as pictured) and diode for motor solenoid. Orange wire eliminates

Meyer Toggle Control Bracket (3 switch) 15656

$20.99 $25.92
Genuine Meyer 3 Toggle Toggle Switch Bracket 15656 with decal.

Meyer Toggle Switch Controls - Package Deal! Includes Harness, Solenoid

$179.00 $192.42
Toggle Switch Controls. Includes OEM Meyer Switches, OEM Meyer Panel, OEM Meyer Wiring Harness, and Motor Solenoid. There are three different pictures of this product. We have sold just under 1000 of these over the years on here and eBay.

Meyer Toggle Switch Controls Connectors (Repair or Convert)

Meyer Toggle Switch Controls Connectors (Repair or Convert). (2) Connectors for Meyer Toggle Switch Controls, and (8) Terminals. Repair your damaged harness, convert a harness, or build your own harness.

Meyer Toggle Switch Controls Connectors with Pigtail (Repair or Convert)

Meyer Toggle Switch Controls Connectors with Pigtail. Use to replace damaged connectors on back of switches, or convert a Slik Stik or Touchpad Harness to use Toggles instead. The old Dodge Sno Commanders had Chrysler connectors and switches. Replace with

Meyer Touchpad Controller Leg Strap

Genuine Meyer Leg Strap 22265 for use with the Meyer Touchpad Controller. Has patch of Velcro that mates to the Velcro patches on the back of the Meyer M22154 Touchpad Controller. Stop throwing the Touchpad on the seat and then looking for it. Know where

Meyer Touchpad Harness Conversion Pigtail

Meyer Touchpad Harness Conversion Pigtail. Convert your Slik Stik or Toggle Harness into a Touchpad Harness with this pigtail adapter. Wiring diagram and instructions included.

Meyer Touchpad Harness Plug - Harness end (Truckside)

This is a plug for the end of the pump control harness (truckside). It allows you to plug in a Touchpad controller. Includes plug and 6 pins. Includes detailed instructions.

Meyer Touchpad Plug - Touchpad End (Controller side)

$5.99 $6.99
This is the plug that is on the end of Meyer Touchpad Controllers. It plugs INTO the vehicle (truckside) harness. Includes plug and 6 pins. OEM Plug and Pins.

Meyer Touchpad to Pistol Grip Harness Adapter 07691 - $49.99 INCLUDES Headlight Switch Kit

This adapter allows you to plug in the Meyer Touchpad Controller (white 6 pin rectangular plug) to a 12 pin Meyer Pistol Grip Vehicle harness. SMITH BROTHERS EXCLUSIVE! WE include the 08701 Switch Kit PLUS... READ MORE INFO

Meyer Vector V Plow Touchpad Controller 22173

$300.00 $400.00
Meyer Vector V Plow Touchpad Controller. OBSOLETE. We have TWO in stock as of 11-19-16. Meyer no longer stocks these, and will not be. There is NO aftermarket source, this is it. No returns or refunds on OBSOLETE items.

Meyer Xpress Plow Pistol Grip Controller 22693

$389.00 $419.09
Genuine Meyer 22693 Pistol Grip controller for Meyer Xpress Plow. ONLY WORKS WITH XPRESS PLOW with E-68 / E-88 pump. No returns on electrical items.

Toggles for use with Meyer Touchpad Harness

We have all been there with a Touchpad. The red overload light keeps coming on, and you have to reset the controller, but it keeps happening. This is because the Touchpad is constantly sensing amp draw and continuity of each function. THIS solves your